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● CLT Wooden Construction Timber-Frame 


CLT Factory builds the houses, apartments, social buildings, and all kinds of constructions (incl. timber-frame, timber frame panels, CLT panels, wooden constructions (GL), components, modules and elements, other materials) in accordance with local regulations and standards.

  • CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) is an environmentally eco-friendly material. It is the future of the construction business. We know all about it. B2B.

  • Timber-frame (Module, panel,  components, and other materials). CLT Factory always finds an appropriate solution to manage the projects.

  • Glulam (Glued laminated timber). By laminating the layers together with adhesive, glulam can be produced to precisely the height needed in construction. 

Engineering Sustainability Moisture Control 

CLT Factory is always open for partnership and corporation with architecture agencies and firms.

  • Engineering. Before starting the production of the Project, we are preparing the part drawing, engineering drawings, and production drawings based on the drawings/description approved by the Clients. 

  • Sustainability. Yes, we know all about it. We build from wood.

  • Moisture Control. There is no secret that CLT/wood construction is more sensitive to moisture than both concrete and steel. This should be counteracted with a clear Moisture Control on the individual project. This problem must be taken into account right from the design phase where it is important to design with a vertical assembly rate if it is possible to get the building mass close as quickly as possible. At the same time, it is important that the Moisture Control follows right into the production where vulnerable parts can be uncovered and the project can be managed with packaging, transport, and assembly. CLT Factory is ready to assist, so that moisture risk is minimized to the maximum.

Assembly Transport B2B

CLT Factory is focusing on the B2B business module. CLT Factory is always open for partnership and corporation. 

  • Transport. B2B. CLT Factory organizes the transport, delivers projects to the building site, and provides all necessary support. CLT Factory always finds an appropriate solution to manage the projects. It is extremely important to have full control of logistics and transport plans so that the elements arrive at the building site safely and the right way, and it must be possible to install directly from car to barley without intermediate storage with risk of damage and waste of time. CLT Factory offers to carry out this part in collaboration with the construction site management so that delivery is in accordance with plans and strategy.

  • Assembly. B2B. CLT Factory organizes the assembly of the projects on the building site. Assembly of CLT is relatively simple and in many areas can be compared with the assembly of other building elements. However, there is some special competence when it comes to, moisture control, sound and fire requirements, as well as assembly according to assembly plans, so that all parameters from statics and fortification plans are completed and quality assured. CLT Factory works with professional teams. CLT Factory always finds an appropriate solution to manage the projects.